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Cindy - As time passes and my life's journey has moved into the truly wonderful Golden Years, I see as I have never seen before. God's artful hand has created sights beyond imagination and I stand in awe with a camera in hand to save moments in time through self-taught photography and an eye of true appreciation for sights I have nicknamed "EyeCandy." In travels and at home, we are always aware of awesome "EyeCandy" shots. Gone are the days of "Having eyes, do you not see?" Mark 8:18. Living in the moment--saved through photography to be relived & enjoyed forever.

Ed - When I retired and aged a little, it caused me to slow down and take in the earthly beauty that God has created. As the old saying goes "stop and smell the roses," well, there should be another "slow down and snap a Godly moment in time," that will last forever!
We hope you enjoy our captured moments in time and select ones that touch your heart and move your senses for home, office, and business and as gifts. Share the joy of "EyeCandy" that brightens your senses and your day. God bless.
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Prickley Hearts by Cindy Croal


Leaf Skeleton by Cindy Croal


Cypress Swamp by Cindy Croal


Blooming Artichoke by Cindy Croal


Romantic Sunset by Cindy Croal


Hilton Head Sunset by Cindy Croal


Seagull by Cindy Croal


Pelican on Post by Cindy Croal


Boatshed of Yesteryear by Cindy Croal


North Rim Dawn by Cindy Croal


Odd Bird Out by Cindy Croal


Female Cardinal Posing by Cindy Croal


Juneau's Scenic Port by Cindy Croal


Peaceful Cypress 2 by Cindy Croal


Colors beyond the Sunset by Cindy Croal


Autumn Pick-up Truck by Cindy Croal


Bo Ghost Pumpkin Decorations by Cindy Croal


Country Bail People by Cindy Croal


Halloween Pumpkin Spiker by Cindy Croal


Nativity 1 by Cindy Croal